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VM doesNotUnderstand stack question

stéphane ducasse-2

I'm currently teaching the ObjVlisp reflective kernel and the  
students have to implement it in VW.
Now I realized that I have a bug for the error (equivalent of DNU).  
And I wanted to know
how the squeak VM does it.

My bug is the following one:
        when a message is not understood, the message error is raised. By  
default on Object error raises an Error.

        Now when I redefine the method error on a class, I do not cancel the  
application of the
        method that was not found. So I end up applying (value: self in the  
unarySend: method below)
        the old arguments of the not-found message to the result of the  
redefined error method and this should not

I have the impression that the solution is to cancel the application  
of the found method when there is an error.
And I wanted to know what the Squeak VM does?

Here how I did it in my ObjVlisp implementation:
Obj is a subclass of Array I use to represent objects and block to  
represent methods

Obj>>lookup: selector for: anObjObject
        ^(self doesUnderstand: selector)
                ifTrue: [ self bodyOfMethod: selector]
                ifFalse: [self objName = #ObjObject
                                ifFalse: [ (Obj giveClassNamed: self objSuperclassId) lookup:  
selector for: anObjObject.]
                                ifTrue: [ anObjObject binarySend: #error with: selector
                                                "this should be escaping the flow"]].

Obj>>unarySend: selector
        | ans |
        "should do something different to deal with the fact that error can  
be redefined"
        ans := (self objClass lookup: selector for: self) value: self.
        ^ ans

The method error is defined as follow.
(objectClass at: objectClass offsetForMethodDict) at: #error
                        [:object :selector |
                                Transcript show: 'Error: selector ' , selector printString , 'not  
                                object error].

So the following code work well when I do not redefine error but not  
when I redefine it.