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Ian Bartholomew

Because of one of the enhancements in V4 checking if a Presenters view is
open doesn't work in the way it did before.

s := Shell show.
s view close.
s view isOpen

Results in a DeafObject (via dNU) rather than a Boolean. Might

    ^self hasView and: [self view isOpen]

be a useful addition. It would be easier than having to remember to use

s view isOpen == true

which is the way that the current image seems to favour and, especially with
the behaviour of inlined #ifTrue:/#ifFalse: blocks (below), can be a bit
unforgiving if forgotton.

s := Shell show.
s view close.
s view isOpen
    ifTrue: [MessageBox notify: 'open']
    ifFalse: [MessageBox notify: 'closed']