Virtual Machines and Language Implementations (VMIL) 2020: Call For Participation

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Virtual Machines and Language Implementations (VMIL) 2020: Call For Participation

Juan Fumero

                        Call for Participation
                   Workshop on Virtual Machines and 

                  Language Implementations (VMIL’20)

                  Co-located with SPLASH 2020

                 November 17, 2020, Virtual Conference


                  Follow us on Twitter @vmil20


The concept of virtual machines is pervasive in the design and

implementation of programming systems. Virtual machines and the

languages they implement are crucial in the specification,

implementation and/or user-facing deployment of most programming


The VMIL workshop is a forum for researchers and cutting-edge

practitioners in language virtual machines, the intermediate

languages they use and related issues.

This year, VMIL will be held virtually. Registration is available on 

# Invited Talks

== Racket’s Intermediate Language for Control == 

Matthew Flatt, University of Utah

== In Pursuit of Easy(er) JITs == 

Mark Stoodley, IBM, Canada

== Understanding Graal IR == 

Chris Seaton, Shopify 

== 10 years of Dart == 

Vyacheslav Egorov, Google 

# Accepted Papers

== Programming Microcontrollers through High-Level Abstractions == 

Steven Varoumas, Basile Pesin, Benoît Vaugon, Emmanuel Chailloux

# Participation

To participate, please register here: 

The talks will be streamed on Clowdr and Zoom.

We are looking forward to meeting you at VMIL 2020!

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