Vivide IDE?

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Vivide IDE?

Hannes Hirzel
On 7/10/15, marcel.taeumel <[hidden email]> wrote:
> You might want to take a look at the layout policy that I use in Vivide:

Hello Marcel

Where should I start reading about Vivide?

Is it ready for general use?

Kind regards


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Re: Vivide IDE?

Hi Hannes,

you can start reading here:

Then watch some videos listed here: and also this one:

For actual use, take a look also at Vivide's dependent projects:

It might be interesting to load all scripts (resp. profiles) to play around with:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Vivide';
  repository: 'github://hpi-swa/vivide/repository';
  load: #(dev).
(Smalltalk classNamed: 'ViScriptArchive') mergeAll.

You can find more information here: