WAAbstractFileLibrary>>#addFile: and Squeak 5.2

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WAAbstractFileLibrary>>#addFile: and Squeak 5.2

Tim Johnson-2

I ran into a problem when trying to import a file.

I was able to solve it for this file by changing "next" to "next asCharacter" in GRSqueakPlatform>>#convertToSmalltalkNewlines:

        next = Character lf
                                                ifTrue: [ writeStream nextPutAll: self newline ]
                                                ifFalse: [ writeStream nextPut: next asCharacter ]

However, I wonder if part of the problem isn't in the calling method, WAAbstractFileLibrary>>#addFile:, or another class's #rawContents method, which is returning a ByteArray instead of a String...?


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