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Timothy Falconer-2
Hi everyone,

Quite a lot has happened at Waveplace over the last year or two, though you might not know it, given how little we blog or post videos these days.

In summary, we've brought laptops to 33 schools, most of them in Haiti.  We've trained 165 adults to become mentors.  We've created 16 weeks worth of courseware using Etoys and Sugar.

All of that is prequel, though, to what we comes next.   I often joke that Waveplace's mission is "Nice laptop, now what?"  (training)   Well, now it's become, "Nice training, now what?"   The answer is ... Assessment, Courseware, Outreach, Reflection, Network ... aka, Project Acorn.

As Project Acorn unfolds, I'll make video logs instead of written blogs, posting them in rough form to keep folks informed.

You can follow along here:  http://waveplace.org/news/

or here: http://youtube.com/waveplace

or here: http://www.facebook.com/waveplace  (please like us)

or here: http://twitter.com//waveplace  (please follow)

I'll be posting a new video every weekday, always at noon, New York time.

My hope is to use the videos as a vehicle for recording some of the experience we've accumulated in the last 4+ years, so that others may benefit.

And no, I don't like seeing myself on video or hearing myself talk.  Quite the contrary.   But it's the simplest fastest way to do this.

Take care,

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