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Ways people use Amber

For my own work - distributed mobile apps on a *wide* range of hand-helds, with desktop driven apps theat interoperate with the handhelds, as well as controlling, managing and distributing the handhelds), I'm still trying to establish what I'm going to use to build stuff.  Up until now, I've tried building stuff in a *lot* of different things, and trying to learn lessons and choose a specific technical direction.

My current thinking has been Seaside/Aida for the desktop and server, (or perhaps native Pharo) and then seeing about moving to cross-transpiled Amber for the mobile experience. 

So far I have a JS app, and the bulk of my server domain model done, but I'll be needing to think about how to approach my non-mobile UI real soon now.

And at some point I need to see clearly how to use Smalltalk to create my mobile JS stuff.

(My biggest handicap is I still don't see how 
Amber, mysmalltalk.com, PharoJS and more-native JS facilities gel for browser experiences, to try and decide if I should be going to Amber->desktop browser UIs, or Pharo for all desktop UIs, or writing a more server-bound Crossplatform UI in Seaside/Aida.

Does anyone have any specific experiences of building stuff out of a web of Smalltalk-related technologies that they can share?

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