We already have the selected projects and students!

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We already have the selected projects and students!

Mariano Martinez Peck
Hi folks. First of all, let me apologize for being quite offline the last weeks and for not helping too much. I had some personal stuff to do ;)
Fortunately, Janko could take care of it and keep it rolling. Thanks a lot Janko.

Here are what all of you want to know: the final results of voting for 5 projects to get this year GSoC stipendiums:

1. Cross-Platform Namespaces                           (score: 80)
  by Germán Leiva, mentor James Foster

2. Generate UML diagrams from Smalltalk code for Pharo (score: 77)
  by Carla Florencia Griggio, mentor Geert Claes

3. Squeakland education project                        (score: 76)
  by Ricardo Moran, mentor Randall Caton

4. Progress Towards a Cross-Dialect Smalltalk FFI      (score: 74)
  by Dmitry Matveev, mentor Eliot Miranda

5. Visualization of profiling information in Pharo and Squeak (score:73)
  by Mariano Coca, mentor Alexandre Bergel

Congratulations to the accepted students! Be aware that the most "non enjoyable" part of the process has already finished so now it's time to code, hack and have fun!  You are the envy of a lot of people, you are being paid to program in something that you really like and enjoy. This is an excellent opportunity so take advantage of it and don't miss it. Please, work hard and deliver something, but never forget to have fun, learn and enjoy.

For all the students which were not accepted, don't worry. If your project and proposal is good you will find another opportunity sooner than you expect. For us, this was an excellent opportunity to gather information about really interesting projects and, what's more, to know lots of great students with a passion for Smalltalk. With no doubt, we will keep in touch with all of you and we will eagerly wait your application for next years.

Thanks again to all of you for helping us to make the Smalltalk community bigger and better.

So stay tuned with us!


Mariano Martinez Peck
GSoC admin
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