We are hiring a new software engineer (full time vacancy)

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We are hiring a new software engineer (full time vacancy)

Johan Brichau-2

Hi fellow Smalltalkers,

Do you like working with Smalltalk (Pharo, GemStone/S, Seaside, …) and you are also not afraid of spending time in other technologies like JavaScript (ReactJs), Java and devops aspects of running Smalltalk environments in production?
Then read on...

At Yesplan (www.yesplan.be), we are looking for a motivated and inspiring new colleague to join our ambitious software engineering team.

Yesplan is an intuitive venue management web application. We are the leading software system for small and large theaters, concert halls and event venues in the Benelux and currently expanding in Europe and beyond. We strive for our users to enjoy using Yesplan, through intuitive and attractive design. Yesplan is continuously evolving software; we integrate with key apps and have an open API.

As a software engineer at Yesplan, you work with the entire team on our entire technology stack: from the database and the backend to the front-end and integrations with other products. In addition to the technical implementation, you also participate in the analysis and design of product extensions and improvements. You also contribute to all devops processes, technical support and operational standby.

We strive to deliver high quality through agile software development. If you've already done pair programming, code reviews, and daily stand-ups, and are committed to a devops culture with shared responsibilities, you'll probably fit right in.
We're looking for a team player who isn't afraid to express their opinion. It's through the continuous exchange of ideas and the occasional constructive discussion that we reach the best decisions for our product, our customers, and our team.

Check out the full vacancy attached or at https://yesplan.be/en/vacancy/full-stack-software-engineer

Interested or just have same questions?
Send me an email at [hidden email]

Best regards

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