WebCharts now work on IE6 to IE8

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WebCharts now work on IE6 to IE8

Herbert König
Hi everyone,

with the attached mcz WebCharts now work with IE6 to IE8.

This is more than the ProtoChart homepage can do :-))

I had to include a quite recent version of excanvas.js.

What is still missing is proper printing of chart legends in any

My knowledge about this so far:

Protochart.js is heavily influenced by flot which is based on jquery
instead of prototype.

I found a website which uses these and does proper printing. So I will
have to do code comparisons to either find the bug in protochart or

I have also included the latest prototype framework 16.0.3. into one
of my webstyles but that doesn't help with the problem.


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AidaCharts-hk.8.mcz (78K) Download Attachment