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WebMenu proposal for changes

Hi there,

I have factored a bit WebMenu to let the user set a text to display for
a nil value.

From the menu list you may want the user to select an entry explicitly
named "I am nil" to set the model to nil.
This also remove, for the situation, the unused empty entry in the menu.

    form := self addMenuAspect: #symbol collection: aCollection
selectedToAspect: #item of: model.
    form textForEmpty: I am nil".

aCollection should contain a nil element.

Janko it will be nice you take a look to it because I am still unused
about AidaWeb internal.
Then I will commit it to the SmaltalkHub repo.



Dr. Geo - http://drgeo.eu
iStoa - http://istoa.drgeo.eu

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