Webteam report december 2005

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Webteam report december 2005

A bit late, the December report:
We have updated the frontpage on the site, thanks Göran.
We added 3 'powered by' logos, thanks to Darius and Cees and Lukas.

I have been trying to add a News box beneath the Menu box on the site,
but there are some issues with the stylescript that have to be solved.

I simplified the process of committing to the, you do not have to make
a Mantis issue for each update or issue. Just test it out on the test
site, and
notify the list. Then we can discuss it and do updates to the site

Other news:
The webteam will build the new squeakfoundation site.

For any questions or suggestions about the web site, use the webteam
list or Squeak-dev.