What do you think about my Multi-level Debugger?

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What do you think about my Multi-level Debugger?

Kruck, Bastian-2
Hello squeak developers,

I already send this email to the vm-dev list, yet found that squeak-dev might be interested in this as well. I have built a debugger that allows us to debug multiple language levels within the same debugger. Here is a demo of my current work, what do you think about that?

In this video-walkthrough, I am in an application and debugging the issue that minSmallInt // -1 does return minSmallInt.[1] I step through the application, AST, and Smalltalk Bytecode. On the lower levels, I have a feature to debug the translators and finally fix the bug in the JIT-Compiler right in the debugger. This is going to be the core of my master thesis. I will speak about it on OOPS at SAC in April.

I also experimented with using this debugger to debug a Smalltalk-hosted interpreter of a LISP-dialect.[2] An old walkthrough it is visible at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KfQ6Vpe-hU&t=2m48s.

So guys, what do you think about this? Are you full of question marks or did the video make sense to you? Just drop a short email to me with your current thoughts. I really appreciate your feedback :)

Best regards,

[2] Kruck, B. et al. Multi-Level Debugging For Interpreter Developers (WIP-Paper at LaMod)