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What's new on Pillar ?

Hi everyone !

I'm currently working on Pillar !
It's been a little while now so I wanted to share what's new.

--> First of all, with Stephane we created a new project, Cocoon,
based on the configuration system of Pillar. And now Pillar uses
Cocoon for his configurations.

--> Pillar unit tests weren't working on Windows before

--> With Damien we also added two new abstractions:
    --> The transformers: They take the Pillar tree and modify it. For
exemple we have a transformer which evaluates the scripts with a
"eval=true" parameter.
    --> The annotations: They let the writer specify many different
things in their document using just 1 syntax (see below for an

--> We now have our first annotation tag: the inclusion tag !
If you add this:
${inputFile:test.pillar}$  or ${inputFile:folder/test.pillar}$
into your Pillar file, that will include the content of test.pillar.
I recommend for now to use it at the root of the pillar file and not
inside a paragraph. That still needs some improvement.

--> We now have a transformer which adds an anchor after each title.
The anchor will have the text of the title.
This still needs some improvement, it's really simple for now. For
exemple we need to consider the case where we have 2 titles with the
same text (like 'introduction').

--> Now you can add 'lineNumber=true' as parameter for a Script. This
will add a numerotation at your script, usefull if we want to explain
a long code.

--> I did some refactorisation on the parameters used by pillar to
clean the code.

--> I did some refactorisation of the template system, the old one was
really ugly and changed the baseDirectory. Now template are managed by
a stream and not a file.

--> I improved a little the configuration
    --> Now if you want to change the baseDirectory you can pass a
FileReference, a relative path or an absolute path.
    --> Now we look for the inputFiles from the baseDirectory and not
the working directory like before. You can also pass a FileReference,
a relative path or an absolute path.

--> I added some tests to Pillar.

--> I added some doc to EnterprisePharo

--> To help the users I improved the error reports. Before we had
really few errors specific to Pillar.
For this one you can help me ! If you found a weird error or something
really not easy to deal with, send me your problem !

Cyril Ferlicot
Magritte, Pier and Related Tools ...