Where has Dale been?

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Where has Dale been?

GLASS mailing list
We just hit the Rowan milestone that I've been targeting for the last
several months and there are no milestones on the near term horizon
(yet), except for one issue that I need to take care of ... so that
means that I will be able to take a breath or two and then start digging
into the GLASS mailing list backlog that I've developed ---

I've got a stack of 24 unread email messages that I will be wading
through (hopefully starting this afternoon).

If any of you have issues that you don't think have been adequately
addressed, then please send me a private email referencing the
http://forum.world.st/GLASS-f1460844.html thread that you want me to
look at and respond to ... and I will add it to my list if it isn't
already there ...

I would guess that it will take at least a week to get through the
backlog (unless many of the issues aren't an issue anymore) and I won't
be able to spend full time every day addressing GLASS issues, but I plan
to spend some time every day addressing GLASS issues ...

For anything but the simplest issues I must average an hour or two per
issue, so it may take some time to get through my backlog ...


Glass mailing list
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