Where is the "Tools" menu, to connect to other worlds?

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Where is the "Tools" menu, to connect to other worlds?

Mike O'Brien-5
        I'm getting back into Croquet after a very long time away.

        This question pertains to the Croquet 1.0 SDK Beta
currently available at opencroquet.org.

        First, FYI, there Torrent file doesn't seem to be
there.  I had to download the full thing - sorry for the load
on the servers; I would have been happy with a working torrent.

        This is embarrassing, but I can't find the "Tools" menu
to let me connect to another instance.  Are you talking about
the "Menu" item in the Morphic halo?  There's no "chat" menu item
there.  I did find the connection menu in the code, in
CroquetMenuProject, but I wasn't able to follow it around to
figure out where that menu is installed.  The Croquet 1.0 SDK image
doesn't seem to have Flaps turned on, so I'm assuming it's
not a flap item.  Is there some sort of menu system in-world?
If so, I wasn't able to figure out how to get at it.

        Also, if you go full-screen on a Mac, I wasn't able
to get the Morphic halo to come up so I could quit.  I had
to force-quit the application.  Is there some other way out?

Mike O'Brien