While the duo of a floppy eared

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While the duo of a floppy eared

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While the duo of a floppy eared, fluffy tailed Lyn and an adorable little kitty might not seem like the most fearsome opponents, their collective cuteness is deceiving. Summoners let their familiars do all the dirty work of going hand to hand with their enemies, preferring to keep a safe distance and support their familiars with ranged abilities that can empower their familiars and enfeeble their foes in equal measure. The official class description notes that, although it is "a great class for novices, actually mastering the Summoner is a difficult process given their wide range of tactics and abilities."

The Force Master stands out from the crowd by being the only class in the game to rely almost exclusively on ranged attacks, which makes them particularly formidable foes against those who rely on hand to hand combat to defend themselves. Force Masters wield the elemental powers of fire and ice, and knowing when to switch between their respective stances is essential to achieving victory. Despite the distinct advantage bestowed by being the only pure ranged class in the game, Force Masters don't have much in the way of physical defenses, so  http://www.peegold.com/ they have to rely on the control capabilities of their ice attacks to keep enemies at bay.

If you like your hand to hand combat to be a bit more literal, then look no further than the Kung Fu Master. These pugilistic powerhouses scoff at such inelegant weapons as swords and axes, instead arming themselves with nothing more than a pair of heavy gauntlets to amplify the destructive capabilities of their mighty fists. Although Kung Fu Masters require fast reflexes and even faster fingers to play well, their ability to parry, dodge, and counter with blinding speed and pinpoint precision makes them an intimidating opponent capable of overwhelming enemies with an endless flurry of fists and feet alike.