Windows 10 DPI Autoscaling

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Windows 10 DPI Autoscaling

Seth Berman
Hello all,

VA Smalltalk will be a DPI-aware application starting with 9.1, our next release.
However, starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update...many existing DPI-unaware applications can have many of their components autoscaled.
This includes current and prior versions of VAST.

This means as users increase the DPI (what you might do with a 4k display on a tiny laptop:), the fonts and other gdi elements will be appropriately scaled.
Without this feature, everything would start looking less crisp and fonts would be blurry.

It's pretty simple enable.
1. Open a properties dialog on the abt.exe (or related) executable
2. Choose the Compatibility tab
3. Check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior.  Scaling performed by:"
4. In the combo box...choose "System (Enhanced)"
That's it.
Notice that fonts are crisp...and gdi elements (i.e. radio buttons..editor comment collapse indicator) will be scaled.

Attached are some example before/after screenshots of what the autoscaling does in case you are interested in this.

-- Seth

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1920x1080_defaultNoScale.png (416K) Download Attachment
1920x1080_win10DPIScaled.png (352K) Download Attachment
HowToEnableDPIScaling.png (40K) Download Attachment