Working Swazoo v1.1.4 released

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Working Swazoo v1.1.4 released

Janko Mivšek
Dear Swazooers,

I just published a working Swazoo 1.1.4 on Cincom public repository and
also parcels on:

This is what I posted whrn 1.1.1 came out:

I managed to merge most of both branches into 1.1.1, additionally clean
up a bit the code and reorganize packages to in my opinion a better and
more understandable way. This is not tested yet! Testing is a next step.

Swazoo bundle is now organized as follows:

Swazoo (bundle)
   Sport (bundle)       (Bruce's compatibility layer)
   Swazoo-Compatibility (classes like HTTPString for easier porting)
   Swazoo-Core          (core classes SwazooServer, Site, Resource)
   Swazoo-HTTP          (http serving)
   Swazoo-Messages      (requests (gets,posts,puts,..) and responses)
   Swazoo-Headers       (almost all possible message headers)
   Swazoo-Exceptions    (Swazoo specific errors and a HTTPException)
   Swazoo-Resources     (resource framework + static file serving rsrc.)
   Swazoo-Examples      (example resources, other nonfinished stuff)
   Swazoo-Tests         (Sunit tests)

There are a lot changes, let me mention just some:
- introduction of Sport compatibility layer
- almost new request parsing and header management
- http serving can now be mutithreaded or single threaded
- special error exceptions for parsing requests and for other
- package Swazoo-Examples for example resources and also for
   not finished or probably not in use classes

Best regards