You can't bring me down: a kind of meta message

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You can't bring me down: a kind of meta message

Stéphane Ducasse
Hi guys

I was thinking after the discussions I got with igor about the efforts we spend on the build servers and vm infrastructure:
sometimes we/you have a vision and a good one but people do not get it or do not follow or are busy and do not
get that if they would spend 5% of time doing little things then you would not lose your faith or days of work.
Yes this is like that: for example igor fixes are not included in VM code. This happens. So may be one of these days
we will have to think about what we really want for VMs and do it.

Now you should not let people get your vision down. This is too important and fun when your vision is cool.

You can't get me down (one of the best suicidal tendencies song).