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Keeping to the simplest thing that works.

The diffs/patches are applied to platforms/unix/vm and /config.

Builds and works on LePotato Armbian with Cuis 5.0

Builds and works on RasPi3 ArchLinuxArm with Cuis 5.0 & Squeak 5.2

Test runner results:

>> Squeak 5.2 #18229
  2514 run, 4395 passes, 39 expected failures, 77 failures, 3 errors
>> Cuis 5.0 #3485 with all standard packages loaded
  1046 run, 957 passws, 66 failed, 23 errors [+ one SqueakSSLTest hung]

I have not tested anything else.

I think the attached code diffs are small enough that someone out there with access to the GIT tree could fold in the changes.

Please let me know when the GIT tree is updated (I can test again) and what else I should do.


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