abstract for upcoming STIC 2013 talk about tODE

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abstract for upcoming STIC 2013 talk about tODE

Dale Henrichs
  tODE: a New Development Environment for GLASS

  tODE (the Object-centric Development Environment) has been under
development by Dale for several years and is finally reaching the
point where it can be considered as a replacement for the aging

  The basic idea of tODE is to break from the bounds of the
traditional Class Browser-based development environment and to provide
a set of tools that bring the developer closer to the objects he or
she is working with.

  tODE features an Object Shell and a deconstructed Class Browser and
Debugger. tODE is not your father's Smalltalk development

  Dale will discuss the basic philosophy of tODE and provide a
demonstration of tODE in action.

[1] http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic13/

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