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Steven Elkins
Ran into this saving the image...

MessageNotUnderstood: LargePositiveInteger>>destroy
4 October 2006 4:16:17 pm

VM: unix - a SmalltalkImage
Image: Squeak3.9gamma [latest update: #7061]

SecurityManager state:
Restricted: false
FileAccess: true
SocketAccess: true
Working Dir /Users/sge/squeak/Squeak3.9g-7061
Trusted Dir /Users/sge/squeak/Squeak3.9g-7061/secure
Untrusted Dir /Users/sge/squeak/Squeak3.9g-7061/My Squeak

LargePositiveInteger(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #destroy
        Arguments and temporary variables:
                aMessage:       destroy
        Receiver's instance variables:

        Receiver: a SecureRandom
        Arguments and temporary variables:

        Receiver's instance variables:
                seed:   1369035390015187928040555654137399981674798064385

SecureRandom class>>shutDown
        Receiver: SecureRandom
        Arguments and temporary variables:

        Receiver's instance variables:
                superclass:     Stream
                methodDict:     a MethodDictionary(#destroy->a
CompiledMethod (3383) #key:->a Compi...etc...
                format:         134
                instanceVariables:      #('seed' 'key')
                organization:   ('initialization' destroy key:)
('accessing' next next:into: next...etc...
                subclasses:     nil
                name:   #SecureRandom
                classPool:      a Dictionary(#Picker->a SecureRandom )
                sharedPools:    nil
                environment:    a SystemDictionary(lots of globals)
                category:       #'CryptographyBase-Support'
                traitComposition:       nil
                localSelectors:         nil

etc.  So for now I hacked SecureRandom>>destroy   :)

        "key destroy."
        key _ 0.
        seed _ 0

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before starting to improve the world.       -- Anne Frank
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