automatic field-size adjustment to font-change not working on window open

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automatic field-size adjustment to font-change not working on window open


Sorry, I spoke to soon.  There are still reformatting problems when reopening the windows after a font change, say, the Settings window.   If you choose, for example Fira Code 11 and Force All across all categories of use, you’ll see the following in one stretch of Settings, which shows truncated labels under QualityAssistant.  The rest of Settings has similar problems.




Can this truncated-label problem be corrected now without waiting for Spec?  I would think that the problem is caused by not having the internal reformatting ability already there in all GUIs or by not making a system-wide announcement to all GUIs when a font is changed, so that the resize/reformat can be triggered.  Note that field-resizings are not happening even on reopen. 


Can someone fill me in on the problem and the anticipated fix and ETA?





From: Shaping [mailto:[hidden email]]
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Subject: [Pharo-dev] automatic field-size adjustment to font-change


Shaping1 wrote

> that Pharo labels are truncated if you switch to a monospace font


Did you try doing this before opening any windows? There is a problem that sometimes already-open tools are not properly updated when the font is changed...


Yes, that’s the problem.  All windows open before the font-change must be re-opened.  The font does visibly change before the reopening, but the field-size adjustment needed to see all the text does not happen until after reopening.


Will Spec fix this?