blender generalization of DMU course to mac

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blender generalization of DMU course to mac

Paul Sheldon-2
I made a symlink advised in Darwin published portfile to python.framework.

I am using blender-2.44-OSX-10.3-py2.3-powerpc with unpublished
Darwin portfile instructions and so had to guess the same thing obtained.

I placed the application from UMN onto a boot hard partition.

I saw your export, so, when I get over exhaustion from other fun,
I will move on with your course of study.

I've gotten your special croquet build, but I have dropped my laptop on its
card and so must wait for repair.

(I had written Mark P. McCahill who wrote Easter of blender avatars
to teach Spanish on croquet user list asking for help.
I guess I am the help.)