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blog superior to nabble?

Paul Sheldon-2
Thank you for your kind post, Darren Christian DeHaven.

Academics are stereotyped, perhaps correctly, as publish or perish of crap,
Hofstadter got immunity.

I don't know what a blog is, though I know of examples.

I did worry about joining this list because I think the metaphor of one
fellow shouting in a room
by e mailing hundreds of people at a time
was a bad sort of way for people to amicably write to each other and

There is something called Deborah Tannen frame which I now illustrate.

You say something psychologically demeaning to a group in the frame of a
large group
which is intended in private frame to a noob lost as to what is going on
and it comes across in that public frame as shaden freude, most Nazi

I was perhaps too analytic in my blunder to say I was sorry for my not
noticing reply was set to autoreply
which was obscured by an external web e mail yahoo field being truncated.
If you had intention of publicly psychoanalysing a world it would be
very insulting.

Most people haven't studied Tannen as I have.

This probably led to the Abe Arkoff social self reaction.

I feel that the only politically correct subject being what is the
politically correct subject
is the sort of thing wrote about as fun in a blog I found. I won't
continue the flame. Flames aren't fun.

Now in Jobim code Medetacio.