cleanup effort of Mantis (was Bug: SoundService default is not a class)

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cleanup effort of Mantis (was Bug: SoundService default is not a class)

Nicolas Cellier
And I should have changed the subject.

2018-04-06 22:20 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Cellier <[hidden email]>:
Hi David,
Just a small brook for washing yet another ;)

My advice would be to inspect the entries updated these last two years, and if still relevant confirm (or fix) else close.
Fortunately, there are not so much of them.

Then I would close all the rest (resolution = timeout).
Other teams including Pharo have such a policy.

Generally, I hate when my opened issues are closed like that, because I mostly don't use Pharo, so I consider these as pure gifts.
There is a side effect that I'm not encouraged to report anymore, and I rarely reopen them, because I have no time to check.
There is no such thing as gift-support-service.

But, in the end, Pharo team is right: accumulation of rotten issues is not sustainable
- either the issue is important, and it must/will be reopened
- or no one cares and the issue can be closed.

If Heracles himself wants to inspect and resolve the timed-out issues, he would just have to set a filter with a few clicks.
But there's no hurry, the Augean stables had to wait 30 years...

2018-04-06 21:58 GMT+02:00 David T. Lewis <[hidden email]>:

It is really good to see those Mantis issues being addressed. Thank you!


> Hi Marcel, Tobias,
> I encountered a bug, when playing a sound, the default SoundService (class
> inst var) was not a class (BasedSoundService) but an instance (a
> BasedSoundService).
> Why?
> Because, there is a TileMorphTest>>setUp that remember which is the
> default, then tries to restore it in tearDown.
> It used to work.
> But, in between, SoundService default and defaultOrNil have been
> re-defined
> so as to answer an instance rather than a class.
> Thus, when we play the tests, we can no more play the sounds...
> I hesitate to open a Mantis issue, no one read nor close them, so the bug
> report is only here for the moment.