[croquet] [Slightly OT] Squeak elections coming up

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[croquet] [Slightly OT] Squeak elections coming up

Hi Folks,

Those of you who aren't following the general Squeak.org conversation
may not have noticed it but as it turns out elections for the newly
formed Squeakfoundation board are coming up and you are invited to
participate. For further information please see:


Note that in order to participate you must be registered and certified
at SqP (http://people.squeakfoundation.org/). If you do not regularly
participate in the larger Squeak community but are active on this list
please let me know; as a certified member at SqP I can help getting you
certified, too (just send a message saying "certify me" from your usual
email address and include your SqP user name).

Please keep in mind that there are deadlines associated with the
elections: You *must* be registered and certified before February 17,
midnight UTC so if you wish to participate please hurry up - there isn't
too much time left.

   - Andreas