[croquet] Squeak Foundation Board 2007 Candidates

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[croquet] Squeak Foundation Board 2007 Candidates

Ron Teitelbaum
Hello everyone,

Our deadline for announcing your candidacy to the Squeak Foundation Board
has passed, which means we have a final list of 12 candidates.  They are:

Cees de Groot
Tim Rowledge
Bert Freudenberg
Craig Latta
St├ęphane Ducasse
Giovanni Corriga
Keith Hodges
Andrew P. Black
Todd Blanchard
Yoshiki Ohshima
Tansel Ersavas
Brad Fuller

We have a short time to find out more about these candidates before the
election.  I will be sending the same questions to each candidate and will
publish a final article on http://weeklysqueak.wordpress.com .  I will post
a link here when the article is finished.  The answers will be published in
the order that I receive them back.  Which could mean you should start
reading at the bottom!

In the mean time I encourage people to support your favorite candidate!
Please post a recommendation for your favorite candidate, include details
about that candidate that people may not know.  It is sometimes difficult
for people to talk about themselves so I encourage you to help.  I say
support your favorite candidate and not a group of candidates for a reason.
Many people support all the candidates and feel that if they post something
about someone they need to post something about everyone.  So let's take
posts about someone as a positive thing and not a vote against others.  Help
us learn about the people running by sharing what you know about them.

If you support a foundation platform now is a good time for you to tell us
that.  Submit your ideas and let candidates comment about your platform
suggestions on-list.  The more we can make this an open discussion the

Remember voting starts on March 3rd, 2007.

Thank you everyone for participating!

Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak Elections Team Member