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Paul Sheldon-2
My first inclination toward croquet list was to find someone to explore
actually visiting through the looking glasses.

I had gone to google movies looking for an old movie of Alan Kay
involving the inner game principles teaching someone to work
naturally through dance to become a choral director
without negative self talk. Our choral director was full of negative
self talk and I saw her dance before getting presence.
Then I found a whole lot of Alan Kay movies and watched them,
some on squeak, some on croquet.
I excerpted 20 minutes from a two hour movie,
doing with images makes symbols
from a 2nd hour I had to go find off google  movies.

That briefed what Alan Kay was as an adventurer.

I found locals terrified of the prospect of my rabbit getting on their
The more terrified I got of their being terrified the more terrified they

I decided to join the list, though I fear being on lists because of lurkers.

Lurkers snear at your posts to the list and write private abusive letters
saying you are irrelevant or not powerful enough to listen to.
Lurkers project their own insecurities at posting.

The croquet users list became more and more silent
as credible advertising announcements dwindled.

I was very excited to see that I could get a worksheet
where I did squeak code appear through a looking glass.
I "advertised" I found that was what croquet was all about,
but then I did archival search on it with the dev list
and found that it was an unintegrated project
to be able to see each other's collaborative work
through the looking glass and difficult to cull from several work groups.

In the non-beta croquet release, there is a selectable item on what I,
a mac user, would call "the dock" (at the bottom of a world,
"embedd app (master)"), called projects.
Projects are where you can put your own squeak code and objects,
though I am (and perhaps nobody is) "the" definitive source.

I've played with this stuff a lot and have fuzzy intuitions.
Feedback to my actions really slow down
when I am connected to the internet (WAN by modem).
That jibes with some reading that says you need university
high speed access, but individual e mail from "the top"
that this stuff works through the internet WAN.

OK finally the stuff appeared in the window after the rabbit lasered it.

I have US$125 airport express cheap network (wo base station!) gambling
wifi cards in all computers would make a network  work for me.
That meant $80/ computer. It works.
I do stuff Apple Store wouldn't recommend wo base station.

I think airport express has a processor in it that offloads my dual G5
from doing whatever wifi processing does. I could get serving going
with just wifi cards, but that is very slow plausibly involving
timeslicing on the dual G5 processor (fast, but not specialized).

That speeds up feedback, so you know you are doing the right thing
interacting with croquet.

I clicked on projects in what I call the dock.

I inserted above and waffled a long time and the window with the projects
did not appear. I'm going to stick this in yahoo drafts and get off the
to speed up feedback so I can tell what happens.

Confusingly, with my wifi network up, internet couldn't find the drafts


I shut off my network and internet was happy to find drafts folder.

Welcome to my confused world finding fuzzy hypotheses
and nondefinitive solutions produced by non huge advertising
agencies of huge corporations, produced by me, a reinventor of wheels


I put my peculiar wifi network up but off internet.

You click on projects and get a choice of projects.

Choosing one makes it appear in a mirror with the entendre
that someone invited to your world will see it.
Very exciting, I published my theme song for it.
General Hammond's love song from Stargate SG I,
"Who could I turn to for alien technology"
with gaoulds I could learn to,
with gaoulds on a new day,
but who could I turn to when gaould's turn away"

But, then, I had never checked to see if I could jump into that world
from another computer and look through that looking glass at a project,
the entendre was so strong, I just believed it.

Reading the Americo course led me to query nabble (google it)
which archives all discussion that had been on this list
that had,  through lurker invasion of shoppers,
morphed into a list of shoppers going elsewhere for their virtual reality.

Howard Sterns, a genius in this stuff, on my searching nabble dev list.
said the looking glass share of project work tables was going
to take a lot of work and gaould's turned away.

Watch the google movies and you might not download
invading free second life.

Glad somebody is back.

I'd really like to set up appointments to visit people around the world
as a rabbit or an Alice Liddle, but feared rejection by an entire list
when everyone was actually just too shy to raise their hands.

There is something called distributed garbage collection that has to be
worked out so that they could have a server world where people would
just accidentally bump into each other visiting a world.

Pairwise agreements to meet with the concept postcard as xml
have to have friends that trust each other and love croquet already.
My best friends didn't trust me because I'm a bad salesman
and project worry that they will be afraid.

I emboldened myself and tried to install to strangers in a wifi cafe,
but was thrown out when I toned it down to "just google croquet".
The sort of trauma induced by being suspected of being an abuser
made me abused when I finally worked out what to ask for.

The croquet user list took off ("had volume") when the croquet consortium
advertised a nonbeta with that work table mirror thing.
Then, a lurker named Jacob said he was going to play a wait and see
until Jaberwocky (I could have wrote the list Jaberwocky was here
but buggy so Jacob could complain, but still not post; I didn't).
When someone high up posted about the croquet collaborative
offering a wealth of resources, Jacob asked "How do I pick?"
I think that was when he posited the wait and see on Jaberwocky.
It was in counterpoint to wealth being offered,
reinterpreted by a lurker as a bandwidth cost.

You can go check this on nabble.

A negative feeling is how can anyone learn to collaborate on a list of one,

The last abusive e mail I got was why don't I go off and make a blog of my

In every new idea that forms, there will be hostiles who fear their
in the old threatened who will say the few remaining
on the list are full of themselves to turn them into lurkers
and invade collaboration and open operating systems to sell their thing.

Garb thy asbestos flame suit and carry on!