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driving me crazy

Howard Stearns
Am I crazy, or is #driveStep being sent over the wire pretty much as  
often as possible? Is that what we want?

CroquetParticipant>>step => CroquetHarness>>step =>  
TAvatarUser>>updateUser => replica future driveStep.


CroquetHarness>>renderWorld => TAvatarUser>>driveStep => replica  
future driveStep.

The only replicated implementation of #driveStep does #stillAlive,  
#drive, and #fall.
I don't get why the latter two aren't done done with a completely on-
island temporal loop (no network traffic), and the #stillAlive  
futureSent from the TAvatarUser like once a second or so.

And what does TAvatarUser>>updateUser accomplish at all?

What am I missing?