education meeting notes, June 21

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education meeting notes, June 21

Rita Freudenberg-2
Hi everyone,

here are the notes from our meeting today:

Scott did send an email with a list of pending bug-fixes for the Etoys bug-fix release. It only needs a developer to go over the list and decide if the fixes can go into the release, then build a release for testing. This should be possible before the end of the month, I think.

With the upcoming summer there might be some more time for all of us to work a bit on our reference manual. I hope we can finish it, including the new objects that came with Etoys 5. I'll send more information about that in July, we will need writers and proof-readers, everyone is welcome to join the effort. We use a collaborative internet writing tool, which makes the organizing and synchronizing easy.

We came to the question of what it would take to improve the media player in Etoys in order to play more video formats. Bert pointed out that there was a GSoC project about that, but it has not been picked this year. It's been suggested by Karl to port OpenQwaq video to Etoys. There have been some more Etoys projects, which should be listed on a page for interested volunteers to find and start working.

Steve is working with kids using Squeak and we started discussing the way from Etoys to Squeak. It would be great if that could be made easier.  

Avigail told us about an australian project (OLPC), which is about long distance learning and evaluation. It sounds very interesting, we'll hear more about it in the future.


Rita Freudenberg
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