enhance object presentation in the inspector for documentation

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enhance object presentation in the inspector for documentation

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Hi all.

I really like the ability we have in the browser to set and signal method with sample code so we can run them easily by a simple click. The pragma <example> or <script: > are really helpful to document entry point or keep example as small script directly with the code.

To have a better grasp of certain object I create, I look at the possibility in the inspector to provide custom object representation. It look like if I add the pragma <gtInspectorPresentationOrder: XX> to some method, it will be added in the inspector as an extra tab with custom representation. Morphic widget are a good example of this.

With a quick investigation, I can see that the presentation in those tabs are done by instances of GLMCompositePresentation

Given all the discussion I can see on Glamour and GToolkit (for example https://discordapp.com/channels/223421264751099906/445970167495786497/648148330777542681), I was wondering if it's was worth the time to understand how to create custom object representation with Glamour or if it will be deprecated in Pharo 9, and what could be the alternatives.

Any advise/comment would be welcome.