example of a croquet prototype of a language learning environment

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example of a croquet prototype of a language learning environment

Mark P. McCahill
Here is a movie of a prototype my group made with along with some  
University of Minnesota  folks interested in technology assisted  
language acquisition - Mahmoud Sadri, Penny Thompson, and Sara Mack.


We are showing how Croquet might be for immersive foreign language  
learning. The idea is that a couple players are dropped into a space  
and sent on a quest. In this prototype the quest is to get across the  
lake and then to take the bus into the clouds. To cross the lake they  
will have work out how to find the boat, then pay the boatman (who is  
hungry), then demonstrate that they understand when the bus departs.  
In other words, the narrative structure is like the rhetoric of many  
games: start without assets, gather assets and pass some sort of test  
to move to the next level.

notes: this movie is essentially a case of using Croquet to make  
machinima. We used SnapzProX to capture the movie on my 2 year old  
Mac Powerbook at the same time it was running Croquet. There is echo  
on the audio track because we were recording this in a small room  
without any sound baffles, so there is some audio bleed from Penny  
and Sara's headsets.