exploring croquet.app on mac os x

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exploring croquet.app on mac os x

Paul Sheldon-2
Next step software in os x has things that look like files and you just
click on
but are actually folders containing stuff.

Understanding that stuff may be too deep for me to not do
without generating huge amounts of bandwidth.
Librarians like me for that sort of stuff; I let myself be interupted
by any patron and put time boundaries on it.

I saw, in contents, folder OpenAL.framework which had some aliases in it.

I recall posix statement I put in os x cocoa programming
that had me use relative addressing to such things and move about my *.app.

This is just the germ of what someone with more savvy at making fixes
might have implemented. I imagine such a cool guy might have had to work
hard at "flat file" fixes (as evidenced
by a nabble searched post referencing him on this).

Be cool; time will reward. Indeed, kindness and cutting a little slack
beats argument in a creative mutually managed collaboration.