ezvision or iwear checking whether each eye gets interleave or "one leaf"

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ezvision or iwear checking whether each eye gets interleave or "one leaf"

Paul Sheldon-2
I have bought a binocular eyeglass television monitor (They have PC
software development kit for each eye of the 50 inch virtual monitor
getting retinally disparate images for 3D effect in cyclopean retina as
Bela Julezs called it so long ago.).

Then, for $250 we could have 3D.  These glasses have at most TV
resolution but are better than my ancient TV. I am hoping they will work
with me on temple redesign : one temple broke the day I got it from Amazon.

The power supply delivers half an amp and so I suspect this isn't for
portable video iPod use walking dogs (I had hoped that it was higher
resolution than TV like the iPod was since it mated with a video iPod,
not iPhone mind you). I tried it with svideo out gifted me by Apple
Store and iPod functionality is definitely out, pixelated vision great
for TV but not for computer control.

If I had the sparse pixels scan through a pdf with some sort of openGL
tied to my secatic eye movements---whoops I thought this stuff had head
gyros and was cheap. That must be the $500 version with twice the pixels.

How would the cyclopean retina deal with half the resolution of two leaves.

Hope this inspires someone wiser than me.