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Otis Donaldson
Company has released other news,
but anyway i know everything about company projects
i hope they will announce it today and it's will break the market and send this isssue fly.


New Mexico Software, Inc. (OTCBB:NMXC) announced today the company has terminated its consultancy agreement with Brian McGowan and no longer has any relationship with him.

About New Mexico Software.

New Mexico Software is a leading provider of information management solutions that significantly improve the interface between the paper world and the digital world, facilitating a true paperless environment. It is the only public company providing web-based integrated services for individuals and companies, large or small, which allows full access to data from anywhere in an easy-to-use, familiar browser environment at an affordable price. For more information, visit www dot nmxc dot net or www dot nmxs dot com, or contact Dick Govatski, president and CEO.

Please read full version.

I will push it minimum several days if my information correct this time it will go to -> therd place on  top 20 % Gainers.This are fresh company, without restricts.This company has no dirty past.

Warning alarm this incredible amazing opportunity possibility to make our profits.
I have heard something huge will happen today with this one.

It is gonna fly. Monday charts wellcome it !

Unsub almost here give me 1 day more please.