gRPC for pharo?

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gRPC for pharo?

Holger Freyther

I have collected some experience using gRPC[1] and would like to make clients and be a server from Pharo. After digging into the gRPC implementation it seems feasible[2]. Would someone be interested in collaborating on an implementation?


[1] An RPC framework using HTTP2 and sending Google Protobuf serialized data. It is used by etcd (distributed key value store, master election), apparently containerd (of docker) and the list is probably increasing. It has interesting load balancing support...

[2] Wrap the C-API with with FFI, modify the gRPC protobuf compiler to generate Pharo classes with slots for the native types, create a polling Pharo Process to pull the completion_queue. With ThreadedFFI we could have lower latency and have a blocking call on the completion queue.