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game engine, ID Tech 5

Paul Sheldon-2
"ID Tech 5 is doom's father's new 3D engine."

I used to go to a mensa game sig of someone familiar with modern day
from recent coursework. The flagpole fellow ceased it because I was the only
one who attended from Dallas mensa at this Fort Worth sig.

Sadly, I may have forgotten things he told me. I was starting to grasp what
a game engine was.

There was some interest in Fort Worth in something called machinima
that I believe used a game engine, but it was not cross platform.

I haven't thought to look him up since I found the Brazil course on cross
games for the OLPC.

I have this other paper on black hole horizons I am hammering at and getting
exhausted with, so I may not get to look him up for a bit,
but thanks for showing me Apple at WWDC is interested in cross platform game
engine, Florent THIERY.