[gemstone-smalltalk] GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) 7.3 release no available

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[gemstone-smalltalk] GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) 7.3 release no available

Martin McClure
Hi all,

The 7.3 release of GBS is now available. Besides fixing a number of
bugs, this release adds support for VW 7.7, 64-bit VW clients, and
linked logins to 64-bit servers from 64-bit clients. Unlike the 7.2.x
releases, GBS 7.3 also can be used with 32-bit servers. This release
supports VisualWorks 7.x only.

This release, its release notes, and its installation guide are
available at the following URL:


The release notes describe the new features and fixed bugs in greater
detail. Please take the time to read them and the Installation Guide
before installing the product to better determine what changes, if
any, you will need to make in your applications or configurations.

Note: You must have an account to use the support Web site, but
registration is free of charge.