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green eco wooden floor

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A lot of wood floors were brought about because of all sorts of problems " prematurely senile " circumstance, how to use wooden floor board, does floor letting wood prolong life? Small make up with everybody consumer shares secret of long life of floor issueing wood now.

All sorts of elements can affect floor life

1, use for long of air conditioning, humidifier what bring about indoor air very easily to change is dry, brought about a floor to happen thereby adjustable, bring about a floor to be out of shape, burst.

2, after seeper if do not have correct processing to will cause a floor board,become angry, can have chap, become warped edge, be out of shape problem, should undertake in time wiping just can maintenance a floor board so dry effect.

3, white color water was in on the floor later, bleach very easily, because floor wax did not choose good,this is, produced the problem of diffuse reflection thereby.

4, the floor appeared after oily dirty if do not have seasonable and correct processing, will bring about a floor to be soaked by oily be soiled, still can happen become angry problem, best and seasonable use cleaner will handle, wax.

5, heater is used for long also can produce chap phenomenon, the floor is fast and adjustable produced gap, when using, cushion had better be used to protect a floor board on the floor.

6, excrement and urine also can meet pet be corroded to wooden floor, bring about a floor to become angry, besmirch. Chemical comes loose was in on the ground should wipe in time, floor surface burnish is reduced, need waxes in time processing, maintain.

Keep the floor that raise wood correctly

1, the furniture on the floor spreads overlay in time child, the floor waxes should choose high-grade, before use, be above all over small area try out, undertake bedding face is accumulated again next wax, avoid to bring bad result to the floor.

2, cleaner cannot use alkalescent cleaner absolutely, when wiping, should twist wet towel after working, use.
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