[grow] Process for developing and building images on all forks

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[grow] Process for developing and building images on all forks

Hi All,

The news is that Magma now loads into Cuis, collecting a couple of  
missing things it needs on the way.
It only takes 20 seconds to load everything. I admit that I haven't  
tested if it actually works yet, but I am happy it loads.

"grow" is a new process for loading things into all your favourite  
images, you can see grow in action with the screeencast (link  
available here):
Grow also loads the same magma distribution into trunk, squeak4.0, and  
pharo. Again, no guarantees that it actually works yet.




The series.st file I am using to load magma(testing) is as follows:

InstallSeries addSource: 'library/base-dev'.
InstallSeries addSource: 'base-dev'.

Install load: 'library/magma/magma-server.st'.
InstallSeries addTheTests

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