how to get completely up to date via monticello

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how to get completely up to date via monticello

Mark P. McCahill
I just got a private e-mail asking for a walkthrough of
how to update via monticello to have all the latest Hedgehog
goodness. On the theory that if one person asks, there are
probably 10 more who are also wondering, here is a walkthrough:
ok, here is a walkthrough:

- Open a monticello browser

- In the right pane, click on the line that says
then click on the "open" button at the top of the monticello window

- A new monticello window appears. Click on the refresh button,
then scroll the left pane of the window and look for a bolded
category name. You probably see that the category named "Morphic"
is bolded. click on Morphic. You will now see that the right pane
has a list of Morphic changesets. The most recent is at the top of
the list. and bolded if it is not installed. Click to select
it. You may have to wait a little for Croquet to download the
changeset from the network, but once a local copy of the changeset
exists, the "load" and "merge" buttons will be enabled. Click on
the merge button to apply the update. Croquet will display some
messages about snapshotting methods and diffing, and will then open
another window titled merging morphic and a list of things that will be
changed. Click on the "merge" button in this window to update. After
the update is installed completely, the formerly bolded items in the
previous window will no longer be bold. Yippee! one update done...

- If there are no other categories in the left pane that are bolded,
you are done with this part of the update.

- go back to the first monticello window, and select the
     "" line
to get the tweak repository opened. This makes a new monticello window,
and you should see several categories that are bolded. Open each of  
and apply the updates as described above. be sure to scroll down the
left pane categories list to make sure you check all the categories
for pending updates.

- go back to the first monticello window, and select the
     "" line
and apply any updates available.

- go back to the first monticello window, and select the
     "" line.
There will likely be a lot of updates available here, and the
order of install is important.

- Although it will not be bolded and is not underlined (because it has
not been installed at all yet), click on the "MotionCapture" category.
Install the update from here. This is where thew BVH avatar motion
code lives.

- Then install the Vehicles, SimpleDemoMorph, SailingMorph, OpenAL,  
HedgeHacks-Painter, HedgeHacks-MPEG, HedgeHacks-Morphic, HedgeHacks-BFD,
Chat category updates.

voila! you are completely up to date (as of July 14, at 1:44 pm  
CDT). :-)

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Re: how to get completely up to date via monticello

Howard Stearns
Be aware that these should be understood as next-versions/revisions  
to what you have been working on top of, not updates. How does that  

Well, for one thing, an update (aka a patch) will load just the fix  
in question, leaving everything else alone.
However, loading a new version of a Monticello package will make your  
image completely conform to the full definition of the new version  
being loaded.  This means it will remove anything you've added.  Thus  
you will lose any patches/fixes you have made to the classes defined  
in the package.

The expectation is that if you are loading up the latest bleeding-
edge stuff, then you know how to manage these issues.  That's why new  
stuff is being checked into Monticello packages, rather than being  
forced upon you at odd times through an update stream.

If you want to hear about new stuff going into the repository,  
there's an rss feed at feed://
The checkin notes don't always cover all the changes and new  
features, though.