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Hernan Wilkinson-3
 does anybody know why isSelfPseudoVariable checks for name = '{{self}}'?
 I wrote an script to get the method node of all the methods in the image and no one sets {{self}} as name of a VariableNode, the key = 'self' if the one used to identify a VariableNode as a self pseudo var.
 Here is the current implementation:

"Answer if this ParseNode represents the 'self' pseudo-variable."

^ key = 'self' or: [name = '{{self}}']

And here the script I wrote:

| method methodNode |
ProtoObject withAllSubclassesDo: [ :aClass |
   aClass selectors do: [ :aSelector |
       method := aClass >> aSelector.
       methodNode := method methodNode.
       methodNode nodesDo: [ :node |
          (node isSelfPseudoVariable and: [ node name = '{{self}}']) ifTrue: [self halt].

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