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left scrollbars

Torsten Bergmann
>Hi, what is the default way of getting left scrollbars - is there a

In Squeak there was a preference for that. With Polymorph
(Pharo's UI framework) it looks like this is now
dependent on the UI setting of the current theme.

This makes sense but it always returns true at the moment.
Maybe because most themes have scrollbar on right.

To check just inspect:

   "UITheme current settings scrollBarsOnRight"

See class ThemeSettings>>scrollBarsOnRight

Seems like it is not yet finished (always true, no real Setting
in the settings browser)
If you switch to return false  instead of true the layout of the
standard browser is broken. At least in Pharo 1.2

You can open an issue on the bugtracker (http://issues.pharo-project.org)
so we can take care of this.

I also CC'ed Gary - maybe he is able to comment.


BTW: t-o = torsten Olschewski?

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Re: left scrollbars

t olschewski
>BTW: t-o = torsten Olschewski?

no - do I sound like him?