mac carbon mpeg plugin goes to 1.5.1b1

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mac carbon mpeg plugin goes to 1.5.1b1

I've posted a new mpeg plugin to my idisk   v 1.5.1b1

Follow the link to the idisk, then to the experimental directory for

This version of the mpeg plugin adds the feature to deposit bits  
directly into a form with an offset,
so for example a 800x600 video image to a full screen squeak 1024x768  
Display object and avoid a bitblt to copy the form to the Display.
This can reduce your CPU overhead by 24% or so.

The required change sets are on the SVN server, cross platform, mpeg  

I'll note that V1.5.0 of the plugin added the feature to support  
reading an mpeg file from a memory buffer, versus from a file thus
allowing you to embedd small mp3 ring tones in your squeak image and  
play them back without having them have to go to disk.

Other platforms, windows, linux are welcome to compile for their  
target platforms.

John M. McIntosh <[hidden email]> 1-800-477-2659
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.