mac os-9 VM goes to minimal support, plus updates to mac carbon VM, and going forward.

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mac os-9 VM goes to minimal support, plus updates to mac carbon VM, and going forward.

This afternoon I checked in a hundred or so changes to SVN to remove  
OS-9 and Metrowerk's CodeWarrior support from the Mac OS
VM source tree. Driving this is the fact that the number of os-9  
machines is decreasing, morphic performance on that era of machine
lags, and Universal intel support requires 10.4 headers and usage of  
APIs that don't work pre 10.4.

This is at the 3.8.10b15 VM level.

Therefore I did some house cleaning, and burned quite a bit of code  
in the process, well SVN won't forget it so you'll always be able to  

I'll note the current versions of 3.8.10.x VM or earlier that are non-
intel should work on 10.2.x era machines forward, I had that question  
Impara over the weekend.

I'll note the last working os-9 VM is bundled with the 3.8.9b7 Mac  
Carbon VM.

Currently I have an intel VM mostly working, need more testers. This  
does NOT include any of the plugins, those I have not compiled yet.
Did I say I need more testers? Currently one is not a large enough  

Going forward.

I compiled a Mpeg3Plugin using the latest source tree from  
sourceforge for  libmpeg3-1.6. Lots more work yet to reintegrate some  
of our
custom changes for Squeak BitMaps. This version of the source code  
supports > 2GB files btw.  However in doing this we asked
the question should we move towards FFMPEG instead? Thoughts from the  
community are welcome, so is coding help.

Sophie has mostly moved towards using QuickTime btw, if anyone wants  
to do a morphic versus tweak interface to
our quicktime support api they should step forward.

Lastly I've build a Browser plugin both for Sophie, and for  
SqueakLand based on the 3.8.10b15 code base.

Oh and one more thing, I've a os-x disk image I put together for  
Andreas a year or more back that contains
images, jitters, source code and build directories etc for all the VM  
I've worked with for the last 10 years, from v1.1 to 3.7.3b4
Anyone wanting a copy should let me know, it's rather large at  
1.83GB, perhaps it could be hosted on the squeak foundation server  

John M. McIntosh <[hidden email]> 1-800-477-2659
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.