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new CCPainter package on CroquetSource

David Faught
At look for dafHacks-CCPainter.

From the package comments:
A Tweakish replacement for TPainter. Still a little rough around the edges, but you will get the idea.

In order to hook this into the Tweak menus in the SimpleDemoWorld  for example, in category/package MenuUI-Tweak class CroquetMenuProject method menuBarToolsMenu, I replaced the TPainter item with

menu add: 'CCPainter' target: self action: #actionCCPainter disabled: false.

You will have to do this manually using the class browser.
I am planning on using this package as the basis for some further exploring.  Stay tuned but don't hold your breath!  Whatever that means.

And if someone else already has other plans for this, either go ahead with your plans anyway, I'd like to see it, or let me know what you're planning and we'll see if maybe we can work together.