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new version of monticello files in contributions

Mark P. McCahill
I just added new versions from the team here in Minnesota
for some of the packages in monticello repository. Since
there are some changes to the bvh-style avatars, you probably
want to empty your cache directory so that any cached avatar
objects are rebuilt.

Highlights of what changed:

OpenAL and Chat:
- Don't playback your own voice when you are doing audio chat.
- Users don't have to be present at the start of a voice chat
   (so you can enter a space where people are already talking and  
hear them)

- fixes to .obj importer to address UV mapping problems
- BVH flavored avatars heads follow the mouse pointer
- support for defining a "character" consisting of an avatar mesh and  
a set of BVH motions
- BVH avatars can be recorded/played back as animatronic robots

- importer for .obj files visible in the user interface