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Newbie Question:

I filed out a whole package by right clicking on the system browser package name and got a directory structure similar to the following:

        -> monicello meta
                 -> categories.st
                 -> initializer.st
                 -> package
                 -> version
        -> properties.json
        -> Class.class
                 -> class
                  -> some.st
                                -> another.st
                 -> instance
                  -> some.st
                                -> another.st
                 -> methodProperties.json
                 -> properties.json
        -> AnotherClass.class
                 -> same as Class.class directory structure above

Issue:  How do I file this all back in?

There seems no way to do this in any easy fassion.  Trying to file the .st's by themselves creates dependancy nightmares.

If I can file this out in one singe click does it not make sense that I should be able to do the reverse in on single click or am I manually forced to recreate all my code?